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Even The Masked Singer Doesn’t Want Logan Paul Around Anymore

Photo: Fox

Logan Paul was revealed as Grandpa Monster after getting eliminated on season five of Fox’s The Masked Singer on Wednesday. Guest host Niecy Nash introduced him as an internet personality, actor, podcaster, and boxer (he still wants to fight Floyd Mayweather). His character on the show was an orange-and-green cyclops hoping to shake his bad reputation from his days as a “troublemaking fool” that was “always acting out” for attention. The 26-year-old previously attracted mass criticism for posting a video of a body in Japan’s “suicide forest” that was denounced by fellow creators and that YouTube eventually reprimanded him for in 2018. He apologized, but ads on his channel were temporarily paused after he posted a video that included footage of him Tasering a dead rat. He stepped away from the platform later that year but has retained millions of fans.

After unmasking on the show, Paul declared he had reformed (Nash looked into his eyes with “mama vision” and decided she believed him). Interestingly, his final wild-card performance was of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” in which he passionately sang, “Never been afraid of any deviation / And I don’t really care if you think I’m strange / I ain’t gonna change / And I’m never gonna care ‘bout my bad reputation.” He also began the performance by ripping up a picture of competitor Piglet (Sinead O’Connor). On the show, he offered a clue to his identity by sharing that his first celebrity crush was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for having huge muscles and a shiny head and being a star in the ring and on the screen. Judge’s guesses for his identity included Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Conor McGregor, and (to his dismay) his brother Jake Paul.

Even The Masked Singer Doesn’t Want Logan Paul Around