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Lily James Aspires to Be Wicked and Adulterous in the Pursuit of Love Trailer

We need to cool down and take a few laps after watching the trailer for The Pursuit of Love, a steamy new miniseries adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel. Where do we even begin to quench our thirst? Two young BFFs (Lily James and Emily Beecham) are having a horny awakening of sorts in Interwar Britain, which is quite easy when you see the men they surround themselves with: Andrew “Hot Priest” Scott is a lord wearing short-shorts, Dominic West has a dandy mustache, and another hunk needs help fighting the fascists. “An adulterous woman is the single most disgusting thing there is!” West’s character warns. The miniseries will premiere Stateside later this year on Amazon, and this is also the perfect time to remind you that James and West took the show a bit too literally when the cameras stopped rolling.

Lily James Is Wicked, Adulterous in Pursuit of Love Trailer