The Right Stuff Grounded After One Season on Disney+

Photo: Nat Geo

The Right Stuff has returned to the runway after one quick trip around the streaming universe, reports Deadline. The Nat Geo historical series, based on author Tom Wolfe’s 1979 titular nonfiction book, which also inspired the Oscar-winning 1983 movie adaptation of the same name, will reportedly come to an end after one season on the platform, after making its series debut on October 9, 2020. It is, as Deadline notes, Disney+’s first scripted show cancelation.

Much like Wolfe’s book, the period drama explored the inception of NASA’s space program and the personal stories of the Mercury Seven, a group of test pilots, including John Glenn and Alan Shepard, scouted in 1959, who were determined to have “the right stuff” to become the nation’s first astronauts. The group was subsequently thrust into the limelight of the space race, alongside their families, as the nation prepared to sent its first man into orbit.

Warner Bros. Television is reportedly shopping the show, produced by WBTV and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way, around to other outlets, reportedly TNT and HBO Max, so hopefully we’ll still be able to find out if we ever make it to the moon. Don’t tell us if you know! We can’t stand spoilers.

The Right Stuff Grounded After One Season on Disney+