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Amanda Seyfried Is Haunted by Houses & Husbands in the Things Heard & Seen Trailer

A Milford Man would absolutely hate what’s going on in the Things Heard & Seen trailer, where a young couple (portrayed by Amanda Seyfried and the hunk from Grantchester whom your mom wants to marry) relocates from their charmed Manhattan life to their very own Amityville hell-farm. Things are, at first, quite lovely for these two: They have a lot of space and get to do things like “go swimming” and “visit the local library.” But then crows start flying into their room at night. And a Jowday-esque force wreaks havoc on their radios, the simplest of waves! “My wife doesn’t know what happened here,” the husband warns a townsperson. “I think it would be better if we kept it that way.” Oh, fantastic. Netflix will release the film on April 29.

Things Heard & Seen Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Is Haunted