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Lin-Manuel Miranda Shakes His Furry, Animated Booty in the Vivo Trailer

¡Vamos! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a cherubic li’l mammal with a penchant for street showbiz in the teaser for Vivo, which follows a kinkajou (a rainforest animal also known as a “honey bear,” not to be confused with the honey badger who doesn’t give a shit) who has to travel from Havana to Miami in order to “deliver a song on behalf of his beloved owner and mentor.” It’s so adorable — look at those two dancing! — that we don’t even want to mention the concept of FedEx. Miranda also wrote several original songs for the film, and the film was composed by his creative partner Alex Lacamoire. We guess we’ll have to … wait for it. Netflix will release Vivo later this year.

Vivo Trailer: Lin-Manuel Miranda Shakes His Furry Booty