Watch Aidy Bryant, Carey Mulligan Almost Break in SNL Study-Buddy Sketch

If there’s one thing Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant know how to do, it’s play tween characters with almost painful hyper-specificity. Last night’s “Study Buddy” sketch saw McKinnon’s Josh call his wingman, Bryant’s Jason, while the former is on a study date with “the Beyoncé of science class” (played by host Carey Mulligan). “Study Buddy” is a masterclass in perfectly executed character choices, from Josh’s pronunciation of the word “astute,” to Jason’s assurance that he knows what he’s talking about because he “did have a girlfriend at graphic design camp.” SNL’s costume and makeup department also deserve props for lived-in details like Jason’s top teeth braces and Josh’s too-large jeans. Such is the power of the sketch that Bryant almost breaks at the 3:30 mark, while Mulligan comes even closer for the last minute or so.

Aidy Bryant, Carey Mulligan Almost Break in SNL Sketch