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Bowen Yang Is the Iceberg Who Sank the Titanic But He’s So Much More Than That

Tour de force. Bravura. Groundbreaking. Redefining the game. These are words that can describe the Titanic Iceberg’s new 12-track, no-skips “hyperpop EDM nu-disco fantasia” album Music, and they also describe Bowen Yang’s performance on last night’s Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” as said iceberg that sank the Titanic. Yang plays the infamous inanimate object like a former reality star, both milking his former notoriety for sustained pop-cultural relevance while trying not to be defined by it. “That was a really long time ago. I’ve done a lot of reflecting to try and move past it. It’s one very small part me, but there’s so much going on beneath the surface that you can’t see.” Spoken like a true iceberg. Iceberg feels sidelined by Colin Jost’s line of questions about sinking the Titanic, snapping, “I think my publicist was very clear. I’m not here to talk about the sinking.” But when he finally gets into it, it’s like the world’s greatest I Don’t Think So Honey: “First of all, you came to where I live and you hit me. It was midnight. I was chilling. And then I hear this Irish cacophony behind me.” Emmy for that line delivery alone! “And before I turn around and go, like, what? Half my ass is gone, which was my best feature. And I’m literally injured but all anybody cares about is that like, 40 or 50 people died or whatever.” And don’t even get him started on why nobody’s pointing fingers at the water. As if the segment couldn’t get better, we even get to hear a ridiculous track off of the iceberg’s album. We beg Yang and writer Anna Drezen to bring this character back to talk about global warming. The possibilities!

Bowen Yang Deserves an Emmy for the Titanic Iceberg