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In Shocking News, James Cameron Loves Going to the Movies

James Cameron came by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about some of his favorite things: Da Ocean and Da Movies. Cameron took his Zoom interview in his Wellington, New Zealand, editing suite, and viewers could see some cool Avatar shit in the background. Cameron said that the next Avatar film will be much more oceanic than the last. “A lot of our scenes are in the ocean, so I’m combining things that I love,” the director told Fallon. “Making Avatar and going into the ocean, I love all that stuff.”

Another thing James Cameron loves? Cinema. Specifically, the moviegoing experience. When asked if box-office records matter to him, Cameron said, “What we really need to focus on is getting back to theaters. Hopefully we can still have movies like that … Let’s pray that the theaters are there after this pandemic and this shift to streaming.” Theater closures have been on Hollywood’s mind lately, as it was announced that Los Angeles’s Arclight Cinemas wouldn’t be reopening. Maybe Cameron can put some Avatar money into the Cinerama Dome. Just a thought.

Watch James Cameron Talk Avatar and Movies on Jimmy Fallon