Salt Bae Cucks Daniel Kaluuya in This Cut-for-Time SNL Sketch

Is Saturday Night Live doing a Salt Bae sketch four years too late? Maybe so. But we’re not mad at it, mostly because Beck Bennett gives a hilarious physical comedy performance as the memed restaurateur. In this cut-for-time sketch, Ego Nwodim and Cecily Strong are out on a fancy stimmy-money double date with their boyfriends, Mikey Day and Daniel Kaluuya, the latter of whom does not appreciate Salt Bae’s flirtatious antics. He “salts” Cecily, has Ego slap his meat, and sticks a gold-crusted shank down Day’s throat. Everyone’s commitment to this sketch’s kooky energy really elevates it; “You want me? To salt me?” coos Strong, before explaining to her boyfriend matter-of-factly, “That’s Salt Bae! The most important chef in the world!” Kaluuya says “this guy’s giving me magician energy” while Bennett continues to make that hilarious blank face, pirouetting around the set. The joke of the sketch is, as Kaluuya puts it bluntly, “I’m getting charged 1,100 dollars to get cucked in front of David Beckham.” Day, on the other hand, likes to watch.

Salt Bae Cucks Daniel Kaluuya in This Cut-for-Time SNL Skit