Yama Kippi Yay Bo! SNL Finally Tackles Kim Cattrall’s Scatting Video

It is the job of satire to speak truth to power. It is the jester, mocking the throne. Saturday Night Live has thumbed its nose at presidents and popes, but last night it took down one of the strongest, most enduring nexuses of raw power ever crafted by man or god: The video of Kim Cattrall scatting while her then-husband Mark plays the upright bass.

Without directly calling out this arcane piece of celebrity ephemera by name, Cecily Strong played a scatting Cattrall-type in loose chambray and even looser blonde curls, and SNL host Daniel Kaluuya played her jazzy husband and bandmate, the two of them attending his half-brother’s birthday all the way from Canada (surely a nod to Cattrall). Where Cattrall scatted about “he-dogs” and “she-dogs,” Strong and Kaluuya scat about cats and rabbits and erectile dysfunction, ending every cringey verse with a “meeeeooooww.” By the end of the sketch, they are so horned up by their own talent that they’re making love in the bedroom next to the party with the door fully open. Saba soo-ray!

Yama Kippi Yay Bo! SNL Finally Tackles Kim Cattrall Scatting