A Cher Biopic Is in the Works at Universal

Photo: Photo Credit: Universal Pictures/Universal Studios.

Forty-two minutes after announcing on Twitter that she had to take a shower, Cher announced that Universal is working on a film of her life. The Cher biopic will reunite the icon with important figures in the Mamma Mia–verse, producers Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman. Craymer and Goetzman produced both of the Mammas Mia, so they are already old hands at balancing melodrama with certified disco bangers. The script is being written by Eric Roth, who also penned the scripts to Forrest Gump, A Star Is Born, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (so we know he’s good with age-defying protagonists).

Cher first announced that a biopic was in the works back in 2018, when she teased an upcoming memoir. At the time, Cher said the memoir would be out in 2020 with a biopic to follow. Presumably, the COVID-19 pandemic slightly delayed those plans. The reconfigured timetable, presumably, is

2018: Write memoir, biopic to follow
2020: COVID delays
2021: Take shower
2021: Biopic, baby!

Cher has led quite a life. According to her first memoir, The First Time, Cher decided to become famous for being famous years before Paris Hilton. “I doubted I could be an actress, and none of the big name singers looked like me. They looked like Connie Stevens or Doris Day,” she wrote. “I wasn’t sure if people who didn’t look all-American ever got a chance to do it.” Well, Cher got a chance to do it. She not only acted, she won an Oscar. She not only sang, she paved the way for auto-tune with “Believe.” A replied to Cher’s tweet saying that they’d been waiting for this movie since they were 15. Her response? “I Had More life to Live.”

A Cher Biopic Is in the Works at Universal