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Aidy Bryant Recalls the ‘Raw, Nightmarish Panic’ She Felt Rehearsing the Electric Slide for Shrill

Aidy Bryant has been on Saturday Night Live for almost nine years now, but as it turns out, there are somehow still situations more nerve-racking than performing comedy in the middle of the night on live television while dressed as Ted Cruz. During her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night, the SNL star recounted a moment of “intimate, raw, nightmarish panic” on the set of Shrill’s upcoming third and final season. What filled her with such fear, you ask? Begins Bryant, “You think you know the Electric Slide, don’t ya?”

As the Shrill star explains, a wardrobe problem resulted in Aidy practicing the classic wedding dance completely alone with a professional choreographer, a situation that seemingly resulted in her brain completely melting like a snow cone. “It was the most intimate, raw, nightmarish panic I’ve ever felt in my entire life,” she recalls. “Suddenly I found myself being like, ‘What is a grapevine? What is a little shimmy?’ I’m like raw terror, looking into this man’s eyes.” In the end, Aidy confirms, the scene turned out great, and all it took was 20 minutes of psyche-altering anxiety. “Solo Electric Slide?” she concludes. “It’ll chill you to your damn bones.”

Aidy Bryant Recalls ‘Nightmarish’ Shrill Dance Rehearsal