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Will Chloe and Mitchell From The Circle Just Start Dating Already?

Photo: Netflix

Reports are swirling that Chloe and Mitchell from The Circle have been sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, and that first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an end to the palpable sexual tension we’ve all been enduring for weeks. In a video update on season two’s cast posted to YouTube today by Netflix, several bombshells were dropped: Deleesa found out she was pregnant with her second child while filming, Bryant shaved his head and changed his name to Ikar, and Chloe Veitch — America’s favorite person from Essex — revealed that she and Mitchell have, in fact, kissed. She also “FaceTimes him every couple of days.” Wow, that sounds like a thing! Mitchell’s take, however, is that it is “not an official dating relationship by any means,” but that they “have a relationship.” But then he goes on to say that he “adores Chloe” and that she is “beautiful inside and out,” but that they are “still trying to figure that out.” Meanwhile Chloe says she’s spoken to Mitchell’s mom and “things are going really well.” This all begs the question: Can virgins be fuckbois? Luckily, it seems like Lee has quickly become besties with just about everyone in the cast, so, should things go south for Chloe, our favorite Brit who screams for no reason will have plenty of support.

Will Chloe and Mitchell From The Circle Just Date Already?