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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Daddy-Daughter Spy Show for Netflix

Photo: Martin Rauscher/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

If you’ve ever watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and thought, Gee, I like the way trust is broken and rebuilt between the married couple in this movie, but I wish this was more like that movie where Kristen Bell plays Frasier’s daughter and they go on a cruise together, then Netflix has got you covered. Arnold Schwarzenegger, last seen brandishing a sword in condemnation of the Capitol riots, is bringing a father-daughter spy adventure to Netflix, in participation with Skydance Television. The untitled project will star Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro (UnREAL, Stumptown) as a family of spies. “When a father and daughter learn that they’ve each secretly been working as CIA Operatives for years,” the presser reads, “they realize their entire relationship has been a lie and they truly don’t know one another at all.” But don’t worry, the two will almost certainly get roped into some heavy-duty spy stuff that forces them to bond and trust each other in ways they’ve never had to before.

The show will run for eight hour-long eps, with Scorpion creator Nick Santora acting as showrunner. “I am beyond pumped to start work on the show with Nick and Monica and the whole team,” Schwarzenegger said. He has much to be pumped about. Santora adapted The Most Dangerous Game for Quibi and the Jack Reacher books for Amazon. Monica Barbaro can one day (please God) be seen in Top Gun: Maverick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Daddy-Daughter Spy Show