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Pink Reminds You Why She’s Been on the Charts for Over Two Decades As BBMAs Icon

You don’t spend the last 21 years of your life as an internationally known pop star by being a slouch, and Pink took the opportunity at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, during which she received this year’s Icon Award, to remind you exactly why presenter Jon Bon Jovi’s career summary was totally superfluous. You know Pink’s work. You’re familiar. The singer opened her set with an emotional aerial performance of her song “Cover Me in Sunshine,” featuring her daughter Willow Sage Hart, before launching into the recently released single “All I Know So Far,” accompanied by masked-up children on swings. Her recent credentials established, Pink took us back to her hits “So What” and “Who Knew?,” before ending with “Just Give Me a Reason.”

While accepting the Icon Award, the singer reflected on Bon Jovi’s devastating decision to marry his wife Dorothea in 1989, a formative moment in 8-year-old Pink’s life. So, naturally, she accepted the award as a token of his forgiveness. “All you guys out there, and around the world, thank you for coming out,” she said, concluding her speech. “Thank you for letting us all heal together. I can’t wait until we can do it again, ‘til we can just sweat all over each other. And, just, this is an absolute honor. Dream big, because what if it comes true?”

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