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Even Cindy McCain Thinks Meghan McCain on The View Can Be Cringe

Photo: 2013 Getty Images

You just know Cindy McCain is a secret Whoopi fan. During a May 26 interview on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, the person who spawned Meghan McCain was asked by Andy Cohen if she was upset by how Meghan can get “into it” with her co-hosts on The View, citing Meghan’s recent tantrum when Goldberg tried to throw to commercial on Monday. In a video clip of the interview, Cohen notes that he saw Cindy “cringe a little bit when I brought it up. Does it upset you to watch?” Cindy nodded, said, “yeah,” and admitted, “from a mom, you teach your children to be polite, be nice to other people, and all that kind of stuff. It does make me cringe a little bit.” Cindy tried to say she understands that this is all part of Meghan’s job, but shrugged and added, “as a mom, it does bother me a little bit.”

This was after Cindy said that she “thinks she’s doing a great job,” and “she’s also really smart,” and “ever since she was very little, we called her ‘John McCain in a dress’ because she was always fighting.” So that’s +10 mom points and +100 comedy points for Cindy.

Even Cindy McCain Thinks Meghan McCain on The View Is Cringe