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Dixie D’Amelio Drops ‘F*CKBOY’ While Lil Huddy Strips Back His F*ckboy Anthem

Things Dixie D’Amelio dropped on May 14: Her new single “FUCKBOY” and her last name. Just Dixie released the playful new song, which finds her, well, taking fuckboys to task. “Stop asking me for nudes / No, I’ll never send those to you,” she sings on the pop anthem. “Get out of my DMs / And take off those damn Jordans.” We all know that guy, right? The video finds D’Amelio calling up her sister, Charli, to complain about boy problems, before eventually meeting up with influencer friends including Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg at Los Angeles influencer hot spot Saddle Ranch.

And speaking of fuckboys, Lil Huddy released the acoustic version of his fuckboy anthem “America’s Sweetheart,” making for an even more emo reflection on his public, messy breakup with Dixie’s sister, Charli. Shot, chaser.

Dixie Drops ‘F*CKBOY,’ Lil Huddy Strips His F*ckboy Anthem