Thank the Elves: Actual Eurovision Song Contest to Stream in U.S. for First Time

Illustration: John Wilson/Netflix

Yeah, okay … but play “Jaja Ding Dong!” For the first time ever, the annual batshit-crazy event known as the Eurovision Song Contest will be available to stream in America (legally, that is), with Peacock getting the rights to both the 2021 and 2022 competitions. The streaming service announced today that all three nights of this year’s contest (the first semifinals on May 18, the second semifinals on May 20, and the finals on May 22) will be live and on-demand for later viewing. Eurovision, for those who have been devoid of joy in their lives, finds several European nations trying to out-pizzazz each other with original songs and elaborate performances; it’s not to be confused with Eurovision, a Netflix film that was very funny and got snubbed for a Best Original Song Oscar. Last year’s Eurovision was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means we should mentally prepare ourselves for the greatest camp spectacle on earth.

Thank the Elves: Eurovision Song Contest to Stream in U.S.