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False Positive Trailer: Pregnancy, But Make It Even More Horrifying

Finally, a film accurately reflecting the anxiety and terror of pregnancy. It just happens to be a horror movie. A24’s newest addition, False Positive, follows Lucy (Ilana Glazer) and Adrian (Justin Theroux), hopeful parents using a fertility doctor, Pierce Brosnan’s mysterious Dr. Hindle, to get pregnant. But from the second Lucy finds out about their baby girl, all the supposedly weird and wonderful aspects of pregnancy feel sinister. A blur of black-and-white residing in your body like a parasite? Your organs being pushed aside as it rotates, bulging out of your stomach? Some will say it’s “mommy brain,” but a mother’s intuition is never wrong. “I think Dr. Hindle did something,” she says, cautious of even her husband. “I think they’re in on it.” Seeking the help of a midwife (Zainab Jah), Lucy tries to find out just how Dr. Hindle complicated her pregnancy. Glazer, who’s currently expecting her first child, wrote the script herself along with John Lee, who directs. Use protection — False Positive is due June 25 on Hulu.

An earlier version of this post misstated the release date and has been corrected.

False Positive Trailer: Pregnancy, But Make It Scarier