Fox Tells Prodigal Son to Hit the Road After Two Seasons at the Network

Photo: Fox

At least now Malcolm Bright can finally enjoy a much-needed vacation. Of course, his entire family would surprise him at the resort and tourists start dropping dead, but at least there’d be a swim-up bar to enjoy. According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox has officially canceled its serial-killer crime procedural Prodigal Son, produced by Greg Berlanti, after two seasons, with its second-season finale serving as the show’s final episode on Tuesday, May 18.

Prodigal Son follows Bright (Tom Payne), a terrific profiler who is understandably concerned he’ll end up like his father, Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), who is, of course, a convicted serial killer known as “the Surgeon.” For its second season, the series added Alan Cumming as suspicious Europol detective Simon Hoxley and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Vivian Capshaw, a doctor at Martin’s psychiatric hospital and, naturally, also his love interest.

However, according to TVline, despite the casting additions, the show’s viewership was reportedly “just too small to justify bringing it back for a third season.” Maybe Malcolm can return to school now, explore a new career path, and get his degree in library science. Knowing Prodigal Son, though, Martin is probably just as good at reshelving as dismembering, and has already tucked body-part bookmarks into half the hardcover novels in the city. Seriously, his son cannot catch a break.

Fox Tells Prodigal Son to Hit the Road After Two Seasons