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Say Willkommen to German Jesse Plemons in the Jungle Cruise Trailer

The more accurate name for Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise movie is probably Scary Death Boat From Hell, but who are we to judge? It’s literally based on a theme-park ride. So original. A year and a half after we first got a tease of the film, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt are back on the tortuous waters as a Creedence Clearwater Revival song plays in the background, with Blunt’s character, a scientist, desperate to find a tree that possesses unparalleled healing powers with the help of her brother (Jack Whitehall). “Everything that you see wants to kill you,” the Rock’s riverboat captain advises, “and can.” That includes Jesse Plemons’s German prince, who has a big boat, bigger bazookas, and the biggest accent. Hallöchen! Jungle Cruise will be released both in theaters and on Disney+ on July 30.

Jungle Cruise Trailer: Willkommen to German Jesse Plemons