Katy Perry and Pikachu’s ‘Electric’ Video Will Help You Roar, You Little Firework

Following the announcement of her new Las Vegas residency Play earlier this week, Katy Perry joined her year-long collaborator, Pikachu, for her new “Electric” music video, released tonight at midnight. Traveling through time to encourage her younger self (and, of course, little baby Pikachu, Pichu), Perry subtly manipulates a farmer’s market, silently cultivates her own sense of style, and guides herself with some smooth fairy godmother-ing along the path toward her future pop stardom.

Now, is “Electric” the latest in a long line of Perry’s inspirational pop ballads, following in the well-trod footsteps of “Road” and “Firework?” Yes. Are you absolutely going to tear up when you hear “Electric” the first time you take an indoor class at your gym or go to a Target without a mask? Of course you are! Katy Perry doesn’t do inspirational ballads because she’s bad at them. And if that still doesn’t get you … look, there’s a little baby Pikachu. He hopes your transitional back to normalcy goes well, too. Pika pika.

Katy Perry ‘Electric’ Video Will Help You Roar, You Firework