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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Also Exit Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

Did the queen call the manager? An event in the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood featuring “Prince Aston” and his wife, former Hollywood actress “Bianca Barnes,” deciding to leave the royal family was apparently removed from the mobile game after developer Glu Mobile received negative feedback. (A quick Twitter search turns up very little of this supposed backlash, but we’ll take their word for it.) The “Royal Runaways” event featured clear references to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, including a tell-all TV interview (hosted not by Oprah, but by the player avatar) and an awkward dinner with a posh, silver-haired queen who accuses her grandson of being “selfish and irresponsible.” “Page Six” reports that Kardashian didn’t know about the event, and “immediately took steps to ensure it was taken down.” It’s unclear what “taken down’” means in this context, as “Royal Runaways” was a weekly event that has already ended. Vulture has reached out to Glu Mobile for clarification.

This isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has, uh, borrowed from real people and events. Some of Kim K.’s famous friends and family members, like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Karl Lagerfeld, and Erika Jayne, are portrayed in the game, while other characters are clear imitations of real people, like a famous director that bears a striking resemblance to Martin Scorsese or an intimidating fashion bigwig with Anna Wintour’s signature blunt bob and giant sunglasses. Other in-game events have poked fun at the Kardashians themselves, like when Kim tells you she’s sad about losing earrings, referencing the iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians moment when Kim drops a diamond stud in the ocean. If only the queen had the same ability to laugh at herself as Kim Kardashian.

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