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Retreat Into Nostalgia’s Safe Womb With the Legends of the Hidden Temple Reboot, You Baby

Photo: Nickelodeon

Did you grow up watching Legends of the Hidden Temple reruns on Nickelodeon, wishing you could go back in time to its original 1993–95 run and compete? Are you an old bag of dust who watched it the first go around? Well, it’s not too late for you. Today, the CW announced in a press release that it is rebooting the beloved children’s competition series with a newly “supersized, adult” version. Millennial adults will be able to compete on the Purple Parrots or the Orange Iguanas, scale the Steps of Knowledge, perform the Temple Run, and even encounter Olmec, the giant talking Mayan head. Instead of filming in a glorified McDonald’s Play Place, the new Legends of the Hidden Temple will take place in a “jungle,” with harder challenges and bigger prizes. Neither the premiere date nor the host has been announced yet, but we’re hoping this means Guts is next.

Hey Look, They’re Rebooting Legends of the Hidden Temple Now