Leonardo DiCaprio and His Center Part Star in Killers of the Flower Moon’s First Look

Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/Courtesy of Apple

Harvest, river, hitting your eye like a big pizza pie, and now you’re saying there’s a flower moon? All right, we’ll keep up. Leonardo DiCaprio has shared the first photo from the upcoming drama Killers of the Flower Moon, which is directed by everyone’s honorary Italian grandfather, Martin Scorsese. Despite Jesse Plemons replacing DiCaprio as the film’s lead FBI-agent character, this image shows the actor staring into the screen abyss alongside his onscreen Osage wife, played by the incomparable Lily Gladstone. According to recent reports, DiCaprio’s character is the “nephew of a powerful local rancher,” played by fellow Scorsese-verse regular Robert De Niro. He also seems to be rocking a center part, loving linen suits, and … perhaps trying out some ear prosthetics? We can only zoom in so much. Killers of the Flower Moon will be premiering on Apple, likely in 2022.

Leo and His Center Part Star in Killers of the Flower Moon