Lil Nas X and Anya Taylor-Joy Promise You the Best Saturday Night Live Episode of the Season

Well, another round of Saturday Night Live is drawing to an end this week, with Saturday’s episode closing out the show’s 46th season, which kicked off during the fall of last year and carried us (almost) through the end of May. According to this week’s host, The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy, and this week’s musical guest, “Montero” singer Lil Nas X, they’re closing out the season on top. “It’s the last show of the season, y’all!,” cast member Chris Redd enthuses. “Save the best for last.” Protests Joy, “Well, we want to be humble. The other shows were great, too.” Admits Lil Nas X, “No, it’s the best one,” and the Emma. star has to agree. Says Joy, “Yeah, it is.”

It begs the question: Which moments do they have to beat in order to have a shot at best episode? Saturday Night Live’s current season premiered on October 3, which feels like a lifetime ago, so they’re competing with both Heidi Gardner in SNL’s The Last Dance parody and Kid Cudi’s tribute to Kurt Cobain, to name just a few. And we’re going to need to see at least one “Weekend Update” segment equal to or funnier than Bowen Yang as the iceberg who was mercilessly and thoughtlessly struck by the Titanic. No pressure, though.

Lil Nas X, Anya Taylor-Joy Promise You the Best SNL Episode