Ashley Morgan Smithline Describes Physical, Sexual Abuse by ‘Monster’ Marilyn Manson

Photo: People/YouTube

Another woman is opening up about her alleged abuse at the hands of Marilyn Manson. Ashley Morgan Smithline first accused Manson of “abuse, sexual violence, physical violence, and coercion” in early February, alongside other women including actor Evan Rachel Wood. Smithline, a model, has since given her first interview on Manson for People’s latest cover story, calling him the “most terrifying monster in the world.” “I want people to know who he is, and it’s worth it if not one more woman gets hurt again,” she said. Smithline alleged that Manson got close to her in 2010 under the guise of making a film — a striking similarity to claims made by actor Esmé Bianco, who is now suing Manson for sexual assault. Filming at Manson’s West Hollywood apartment, Smithline claimed, led to her being raped, whipped, and cut by Manson. In a statement to People, Manson, born Brian Warner, denied the allegations. A spokesperson said, “There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them.” The spokesperson claimed Smithline’s relationship with Manson “didn’t last one week,” but People reported that Smithline provided messages between her and Manson from over the course of more than two years.

In the interview, Smithline expanded on some of the allegations made in her initial Instagram post, including that she made a “blood pact” with Manson where they drank each other’s blood and that he forced Smithline, who is Jewish, to buy Nazi materials for him. She said she has scars from Manson’s abuse, and that one encounter left her nose broken. “I was brainwashed, and it makes me feel disgusting,” she told the magazine.

People reported that 15 women have now accused Manson of abuse. The performer has been dropped by his label and talent agency amid the allegations, while the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed in February it is investigating the allegations against Manson. Smithline, meanwhile, said she has found power in connecting with other Manson accusers. The model told People, “Being with the other girls, these feelings of guilt and shame have lessened.”

Ashley Morgan Smithline Describes Abuse by Marilyn Manson