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The Irish Embrace Matt LeBlanc As Their Official Uncle After Friends Reunion Special

Photo: HBO Max

While most of the time an entire nation taking to social media and collectively weighing in on your general vibe sounds terrifying, this weekend Matt LeBlanc got to experience the best possible version of it, when Irish Twitter users came together to discuss who Matt LeBlanc reminded them of in last week’s Friends reunion on HBOMax: their uncles. “The rest of the world should know that for the last 24 hours Irish Twitter has become OBSESSSED with how much Matt Le Blanc looks like everyone’s uncle/cousin,” Irish comedian and actor Dara Ó Briain tweeted on Saturday, along with an impressive rundown of the new meme that asks, in the words of user @peterjmcgann: “How *you* getting on?”

And in case you aren’t familiar enough with Irish uncles to understand the meme, don’t worry: they are extremely similar to all uncles, or at least, to the platonic ideal of an uncle: bemused, slightly behind the times, and, above all else, not against having a pint. The Friends actor has yet to publicly address his new-found status as official Irish uncle, but we really hope someone has told him about it. If so, we’re pretty sure we know the exact expression on his face when he heard.

Matt LeBlanc Is Twitter’s Irish Uncle After Friends Reunion