baby jost

Colin Jost Has Always Been a Boss Baby, According to Michael Che and Seth Meyers

“It’s amazing how willing he is to take chances, considering he’s only ever in his life landed on his feet,” Seth Meyers says about — you’ve probably guessed it — Colin Jost on Late Night last night. Michael Che appeared in the studio to promote his upcoming That Damn Michael Che sketch show, and he and his former SNL colleague began talking about how things never seem to go wrong for their buddy, Colin Jost. “I guess that’s why he takes chances. What’s the worst that can happen? I mess up and marry Scarlett Johansson? Che riffs. He then compares Jost to the Animaniacs baby who’s always blithely putting herself in peril. This sparks something in Meyers, who shouts, “Baby Jost!” because “for his first five years on the show, that’s what a lot of people called him. Baby Jost.” We are armed with this dangerous, beautiful knowledge and will be using it henceforth in any and all future Jost Posts.

Colin Jost Has Always Been a Boss Baby to the SNL Staff