Michael Ian Black Owns a Robot Car


Electric cars are the wave of the future, but as we learned during this scavenger hunt, that’s not necessarily their raison d’être. Michael Ian Black joined his Flameout co-host Abbi Crutchfield alongside the hosts of Nosy Neighbors, Chinedu Unaka and Candice Thompson, for a podcaster edition of Vulture’s Scavenger Hunt, where he revealed the coolest thing he owned was the robot car he was doing the interview from. Because, you see, he doesn’t have to steer his robot car — unless he has to, then he does. So, it’s like, he doesn’t have to drive, but also he does, so he can’t fall asleep, get it? Anyway, we ruined owning a robot car for him, so … sorry!

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Michael Ian Black Owns a Robot Car