The Muppet Show Security Finally Does Something About Waldorf and Statler on SNL

Thank God, someone has decided to step in and try to stop the nonstop heckling during every single Muppet Show recording. This is televised, for God’s sake! Have you no respect for Kramer the frog and his talented cast? Fortunately, during this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Kenan Thompson and Keegan-Michael Key stepped up and told Waldorf (Mikey Day) and Stadler (Beck Bennett) to pipe down, or call themselves a little, soft, fabric cab, because their insults will no longer be tolerated.

“We don’t give a hot damn about the show,” Thompson warns the pair of famously caustic puppets. Adds Key, “We work for the venue.” Says Kenan, “That’s right, and the venue has rules. They are printed on the back of your ticket. Follow them, and we won’t have a problem.” Says Keegan-Michael, “Everybody here paid good money to hear this little dragon and his friends do they thing, so please let them do their thing without talking.” And if Waldorf and Stadler don’t like it, well, they’re more than welcome to leave. Or, alternately, get the stuffing beaten out of them.

Muppet Show Security Shushes Waldorf and Statler on SNL