Noel Clarke Accused of Sexually Harassing Women on Doctor Who Set

Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

One week after actor and writer Noel Clarke was accused of being a serial abuser of women, a new report from The Guardian is alleging that Clarke sexually harassed and inappropriately touched multiple women on the set of Doctor Who. These accusers, who worked as runners, costume assistants, and drivers during Clarke’s tenure on the popular sci-fi series from 2005 to 2010, claim that in addition to Clarke’s frequent harassment, graphic remarks, and sexual advances, he would become “rude and aggressive” if he was rejected. “Constantly the conversation was about sex,” one woman recalled. A Doctor Who actress, who remained anonymous, claimed that she was repeatedly harassed by Clarke for sex during the filming process. “He made advances on me,” she said, “regularly asking me if I wanted a ‘piece of his dark chocolate.’” Another woman, who worked with Clarke during a fan convention in 2016, claims that he grabbed her legs and thighs under an autograph table and asked her for sex. Clarke denied all of the allegations to The Guardian through his lawyers.

After the widespread allegations against Clarke became public, he was dropped by ITV, Sky, and the BBC for future creative projects. He was also stripped of a BAFTA Achievement Award for his contributions to cinema.

Noel Clarke Accused of Sexual Harassment on Doctor Who Set