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Plan B Trailer: When the U.S. Health-Care System Fails Girls, Make Comedy

“Like Never Rarely Sometimes Always but funny!” is probably not a convincing description for a feel-good, raucous teen-girl comedy about two best friends coming of age, but watch the trailer for Plan B and tell us that isn’t what this is. In the trailer for this Hulu original movie, Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles play Sunny and Lupe, best friends and outcasts in South Dakota who just want to throw one normal high-school house party because, as Sunny says in the locker room, “Girls are horse-fucking, and I haven’t even had my first kiss!” But after Sunny has a not-so-great first sexual encounter, the pair have 24 hours to road-trip to the only remaining Planned Parenthood in the state. The trailer is full of great gags, like the teens trying to “pinch and zoom” a physical road map, and a dreamy crush object named Hunter who plays ball hockey with a cardigan on over his gym clothes. Directed by Natalie Morales for the Syracuse-based high-school-movie-centric production company American High, Plan B starts streaming on Hulu on May 28, just in time for double-vaxxed movie nights.

The Plan B Trailer Is As Funny As Health Care Is Depressing