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Scarlett Johansson Got Slimed by Colin Jost During the MTV Awards

That’s one way of cutting off an awards speech. Scarlett Johansson was accepting the 2021 Generation Award at this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards when her husband Colin Jost poured a bowl of green goo that he got from Amazon on her. “MTV, you got slimed!” he said. Johansson had been in the middle of introducing a sneak peek of Black Widow, which she called a culmination of ten years of work. After she angrily informed him that sliming is Nickelodeon’s thing, Jost brought her a towel, told her he loved her, and made a quick exit.

The MTV show was hosted by Twitter film critic Leslie Jones and aired live from Los Angeles on Sunday, May 16. WandaVision led the winners with four awards, including Best Show, Best Performance in a Show, Best Fight, and Best Villain. Meanwhile, Sacha Baron Cohen accepted a golden popcorn statue for this year’s Comedic Genius Award while dressed as his famous characters, from Ali G to Borat. Oh, and Addison Rae and her He’s All That co-star Tanner Buchanan made out before presenting the Best Kiss Award to Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline (who also started kissing). Maybe that was in theme with the night — slime and PDA are, after all, both pretty gooey.

Scarlett Johansson Got Slimed by Colin Jost at MTV Awards