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Mike Schur and Shea Serrano’s Family Sitcom Is Going to … IMDb TV?

Photo: David Buchan/Shutterstock

Coming from a man who created the elusive Museum of Human Misery and Pawnee Commons, this seems oddly appropriate. THR reports that Mike Schur’s long-gestating sitcom with Ringer staff writer Shea Serrano has landed at IMDb TV, years after the series, Primo, was being developed at ABC. Inspired by Serrano’s life growing up in Texas, Primo tells the story of a “Mexican American teenager balancing cultural norms, college aspirations, societal expectations, and the hectic home life of being raised by his single mom and five uncles.” When the show was originally announced in 2017, Serrano said that he was “tired of waiting for there to be more Mexicans on TV,” so he pitched the idea to Schur, whose wildly successful carousel of sitcoms include Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, and the newly-released Rutherford Falls. IMDb TV is backed by Amazon and offers free and ad-supported subscriptions, because we need another streamer to think about.

Mike Schur and Shea Serrano’s Sitcom Is Going to … IMDb TV?