Kate McKinnon Gives Kate Winslet a Run for Her Wawa Hoagie With SNL’s Mare of Easttown Parody

Three bad houses and a corpse-filled creek? Wawa wrappers littering the crime scene? Gritty spotted lurking in the woods nearby? Sounds like a Philadelphia murder if we ever heard one, as evidenced by Kate McKinnon’s spot-on accent and the grim, hyperlocal but probably easily Google-able specifics of Saturday Night Live’s Mare of Easttown parody, Murder Durdur. A hardened lady detective who vapes a delicious-looking soft pretzel while trying to live up to her legacy as the great-great-granddaughter of the Philly Phanatic? Now that’s a prestige drama we’d love to be raving over.

And as for who committed the crime, don’t worry: It definitely wasn’t the Flyers mascot, as strange as it might be for a non-native to see Gritty running through the trees. No, as Kate realizes pretty quickly, it’s probably Elon Musk’s sweaty, suspicious priest, wheeling around what is clearly a stolen girl’s bike. She’s a damn fine detective, after all. Did we sturdur?

Kate McKinnon Gives Kate Winslet a Run for Her Wawa on SNL