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Teen Vogue Has Found a New Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Brandon O’Neal/Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Let’s try this again. Teen Vogue has named Versha Sharma its new editor-in-chief, the New York Times reported. Sharma currently leads news and cultural coverage as a managing editor for NowThis. She told the Times she didn’t feel it was her place to comment on the tumultuous departure of her predecessor, Alexi McCammond. “All I can say is I share the values of the Teen Vogue staff and audience, and I’m very excited to work with them and work together moving forward,” Sharma said, adding that Teen Vogue “does a good job of showing how interconnected everything is, whether it’s fashion or politics or culture.”

You may recall that back in March, McCammond left the Condé Nast publication after the surfacing of past anti-Asian and anti-gay tweets, which included a reference to “swollen, Asian eyes” and the use of the words “gay” and “homo” as insults. McCammond had apologized in 2019, describing the tweets as “insensitive” and adding that she would delete them because they no longer reflected her views. After she was announced on March 5 as the publication’s new leader, Teen Vogue staff members and celebrities alike posted statements of concern. McCammond reportedly apologized to staff a few days later, according to The Daily Beast. On March 18, she tweeted that she decided to step out of the position, apologizing and saying that her past tweets had overshadowed her work and the issues that Teen Vogue spotlights.


Teen Vogue Has Found a New Editor-in-Chief