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Shailene Woodley Has an Affair With Penmanship in The Last Letter From Your Lover Trailer

But what would Aaron Rodgers and the Disney corporation think of this? Let’s transport ourselves back to the Swinging Sixties, baby, where the trailer for The Last Letter From Your Lover presents us with a tantalizing affair: A married society woman (Shailene Woodley) and a writer (Callum Turner) fall for each other while he’s working on an assignment for her husband (Taylor Swift’s boo), with the duo soon succumbing to their primal, carnal instincts of putting a pen to paper and writing each other scandalous things like, “I will never be satisfied with just a part of you.” Meanwhile, in the present day, a journalist (Felicity Jones) discovers their trove of letters and sets out to discover if they ended up together. They didn’t … but maybe now they will? Give us the romance! Netflix will release the film on July 23.

The Last Letter From Your Lover Trailer: Shailene’s Affair!