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Chris Pratt Does Tenet for Dummies in The Tomorrow War Trailer

Did you watch Tenet and find yourself unable to follow what, exactly, was going on? You’re not alone, and Amazon Prime Video clearly knows that. The trailer for its summer blockbuster, The Tomorrow War, is kind of like Tenet for dumdums. Instead of all that entropy talk, the premise is simple: A broadcast from the future announces, “We are fighting a war 30 years in the future,” and present-day people are drafted to go fight that future battle — a Tomorrow War, if you will — to save the world from ending. Military vet Chris Pratt volunteers as tribute to go in his wife’s place, even though he’s warned that “70 percent of draftees do not return.” Sam Richardson is there too, getting that Amazon money. Oh, and did we mention they’re fighting aliens that look like The Quiet Place monsters on a budget? The most Tenet-y part of all is when Pratt says, “I’m trying to save my daughter. If I’ve got to save the world to save her, I’m gonna do it.” He’s serving 50 shades of Elizabeth Debicki learning everyone on Earth is going to die and saying, “including my son.” The Tomorrow War premieres on streaming on July 2 … that is, unless you travel forward in time to stop it.

Chris Pratt Does Tenet for Dummies in Tomorrow War Trailer