T.I. and Tiny Under Criminal Investigation for Sexual-Assault and Drugging Claims

T.I. and Tiny Harris. Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

T.I. and Tiny Harris are under investigation for sexual assault and drugging in Los Angeles, months after a string of victims came forward with allegations against the couple spanning multiple states. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the investigation to the Daily Beast, saying the investigation was currently open after an unnamed woman spoke to police virtually in April. The woman is represented by Tyrone A. Blackburn, the attorney who previously sent letters on behalf of multiple victims calling for criminal investigations into T.I. and Tiny in California and Georgia. Blackburn also told the Beast that another woman whom he is representing, Rachelle Jenks, spoke to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department earlier in May. Although the LVMPD did not confirm that investigation, Vulture obtained her police report. T.I. and Tiny have repeatedly denied all the allegations against them, with their attorney now telling Vulture the couple has “not spoken to or been contacted by” police, including in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The unnamed L.A. woman claimed, in a police report obtained by Vulture, that a man at a mall invited her to a party with T.I. and Tiny. When the couple did not show up, that man and another man invited her and her friend to meet them at a club the next night, sometime between January and May in 2005. The woman remembered having two drinks at the club before Tiny gave her and her friend sips of a clear drink that tasted like Patrón tequila but that she did not see Tiny herself drink. Later, she said she went back to T.I. and Tiny’s hotel room without her friend, who was not allowed to join. She said she then showered with T.I. and Tiny, and they gave each other massages while naked. Then, she said she felt sick, and T.I. put his toes in her vagina. She told him to stop, she said to police, and then went to the bathroom to vomit. She said she last remembered lying naked on the hotel-room couch, before waking up the next morning and noticing that her vagina was “very sore and had a burning/itching sensation.” Her account matched the one Blackburn detailed in his February letter calling for investigations into the couple.

The Las Vegas woman, Jenks, said she met Tiny in a bathroom at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport on August 18, 2010, when she was 30. She said Tiny invited her to a hotel room with her and T.I. that night, and she later met the couple at the Venetian. Jenks said Tiny gave her a Patrón shot, and she felt “dizzy and confused” after taking it, per the report. The couple offered Jenks molly soon after, which she said she took as well. She said T.I. tried to undress her, but she told him to stop because he was being “too aggressive.” She later said she performed oral sex on Tiny and had vaginal sex with T.I., and she told police she believed she was unable to consent because she was given an allegedly spiked drink and drugs. In a written statement to police, Jenks added that the next day, T.I. “forced” her to go with him on his tour bus to Los Angeles and “forced me to have sex with him” on the bus. She wrote that T.I. took her ID and forced her to go with them to Miami, where she said he made her “have sex with multiple women that I did not know.” The day after, Jenks said T.I. wanted to take her to Atlanta but then sent her home instead. She described screaming and crying as she traveled with T.I. and wrote that afterward, “My life has never been the same.” Blackburn is also representing Jenks, his office confirmed to Vulture. Her claim matches one he announced in March, of a woman “trafficked” across Nevada, California, and Florida.

A spokesperson for Blackburn told E! News, “We have several women who are willing to speak on the record. Investigations are pending.” Blackburn most recently announced he had been retained by two more victims alleging that T.I. and Tiny trafficked and drugged them in states including Las Vegas and Florida. Initial allegations of sexual assault, abuse, and drugging against T.I. and Tiny, described by dozens of alleged victims on Instagram, led the couple’s MTV reality series, T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, to pause filming in February. Around that time, news also came out that T.I. would not return to Ant-Man 3. The Atlanta rapper and singer are also facing a defamation lawsuit by a woman who claimed in January that T.I. held her at gunpoint. Amid the ongoing allegations against her and her husband, Tiny appeared at a recent Verzuz battle as part of her R&B group, Xscape.

Update, 3:55 p.m.: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told Vulture it closed its case against T.I. and Tiny because Jenks’s report came outside Nevada’s statute of limitations for sexual assault. While Nevada changed its statute of limitations to 20 years in 2015, the change only applied to new incidents. Because Jenks’s claim involved an incident from 2010, the previous statute of limitations of four years applied.

T.I. and Tiny Under Investigation for Sexual-Assault Claims