Tig Notaro’s Next Stand-up Special Will Be Fully Animated

Tig Notaro Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Comedian and Army of the Dead heartthrob Tig Notaro has a new stand-up special heading to HBO soon, but it will look a little different than your typical special. The network announced today that Notaro will star in “the first-ever fully animated stand-up special,” marking her second special for HBO since 2015’s Boyish Girl Interrupted. It will air on HBO sometime this summer and will also be available to stream on HBO Max. Notaro’s most recent special, Happy to Be Here, premiered on Netflix in 2018.

“After having had the pleasure of seeing bits and pieces of my comedy animated over the years by some talented artists, I became DRAWN to the idea of creating a fully animated hour,” Notaro said in a press release. “Stand-up can be a very solitary art form, so combining it with a collaborative yearslong creative effort was such a joyful experience. I’m so proud of this special and can’t wait for everyone to be fully vaccinated watching with their nana.”

Six Point Harness, Inc., is the animation studio credited with transforming Notaro’s stand-up to cartoon form for the untitled special; its past work includes Matthew Cherry’s short Hair Love and Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf. Additionally, the special is executive-produced by Ellen DeGeneres (cough cough), who also executive-produced Happy to Be Here in 2018; Notaro, in turn, co-directed DeGeneres’s Netflix comedy special Relatable that same year. “I’m so excited for everyone to see Tig’s new special,” DeGeneres said in the release. “I told her since it was animated that we should have Dory in it, but she awkwardly changed the subject. But it’s still hilarious.” Here’s hoping the #HotTig hashtag extends to cartoon Tig as well.

Tig Notaro’s Next Stand-up Special Will Be Fully Animated