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Vampire Diaries Creator Will Suck the Blood of Society Teens in New Series

The closest Vampire Diaries screenshot we could find of a classroom. Photo: The CW

Ian Somerhalder is still welcome to bite into our necks at any time, but we digress. Years after the conclusion of her massively popular CW series The Vampire Diaries, showrunner Julie Plec has secured a new series at Peacock called Vampire Academy, which is exactly what it sounds like and not to be confused with the 2014 hot mess film of the same name. Based on the young adult novels by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy revolves around two female BFFs from “strikingly different classes” as they “prepare to complete their education and enter royal vampire society.” They are students at, yes, an academy, which is filled with “privilege and glamour” as well as romance, friendship, death, sex, and scandal. So, Twilight meets Gossip Girl? Peacock has ordered a ten-episode season of the show, with casting underway for the two lead girls. Quick, let the Superb Owl know.

Vampire Diaries Creator Will Suck Blood of Teens in New Show