Florence Welch’s Cruella Disney Villain Song Is Lady-Joker Vibes

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour wasn’t the only angsty-teen emo-pop music to drop yesterday. No. In yet another match thrown into the fire of Cruella’s origin story, Rodrigo’s release overshadowed Cruella de Vil’s brand-new, Hot Topic–ready Disney villain song, as written and performed by Florence + the Machine. Called “Call Me Cruella,” the track begins with a nod to the famous song from 101 Dalmatians before Florence Welch delves into such Joker-isms as “I tried to be sweet / I tried to be kind / But I feel much better now that I’m / Out of my miiiiiiiiiiiind,” and “The fabric of your little world is toooooorn.” Gleaning from the lyric video released on Disney’s Vevo yesterday, the plot of the upcoming Cruella appears to be: Emma Stone does pranks at London Fashion Week. Which sounds pretty fun, as far as Disney’s live-action remakes go.

Florence Welch’s Cruella Villain Song Is Lady-Joker Vibes