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Finally! Joe Jonas Is a Dark, Gritty Eeyore

The Jonas Brothers, Disney veterans themselves, went on The Late Late Show With James Corden to goof on Cruella and all the “what if ____ was hot” prequels Hollywood seems to like so goddamned much. The JoBro+Co (Jonas Brothers plus Corden) imagined upsetting backstories for Eeyore (drug mule with chronic pain), the guy who gives spaghetti to Lady and the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp (wife left him cuz his sauce is shitty) and the woman who NEEDS six eggs in the opening number of Beauty and the Beast (her child will die if he doesn’t eat exactly six eggs). One wonders if Disney would have honed the Jonas Brothers’ comedic acting skills with their sitcom if they’d known that a decade hence, they’d be biting the hand that fed them. Make that prequel, Disney.

Watch Joe Jonas As a Gritty Eeyore on The Late Late Show