seeing double

Wendy Williams Meeting Her Wax Figure Is Better Than Twin Peaks

There’s been a breach. The Wendy cinematic universe has crossed over with reality. In an absolutely brain-cracking clip, today Wendy Williams met her wax figurine on The Wendy Williams Show, very nearly passing the mirror test. A representative from Madame Tussauds sits in the mostly empty studio audience, saying, “It’s taken over 20 Madame Tussauds artists 800 hours, and she’s traveled over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic on a cargo ship,” for this moment in television personality-cloning to arrive. Then, with a burst of confetti, a curtain drops, revealing a second, waxen Wendy, sitting next to the real thing. Wendy Prime looks shocked. She approaches her frozen double, speaking to it gently as if it might blink awake and act out the Annihilation dance with her. The Tussauds representative points to its hair, saying, “Every strand is inserted individually. Human hair, ethically sourced.” At the 1:53 mark, Wendy Prime appears to smell Wendy Wax, releasing an “mm” of recognition. There is silence in the studio. So much silence. The red-curtain backdrop calls to mind the doppelgänger-haunted Red Room from Twin Peaks. Wendy Prime strokes her double’s hand. The silences in between utterances grow deafening. “You’ve got the rounds of my breasts,” she says. We think we see a sentient gleam in Wendy Wax’s glass eye, but we can’t be certain. Wendy Wax is on view in the Times Square Madame Tussauds as of this week, in case you want it to eat your soul in person.

Wendy Williams Meeting Wax Figure Is Better Than Twin Peaks