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Whoopi Goldberg Teaches Meghan McCain How Commercials Work on The View

As so often becomes her duty on The View, Whoopi Goldberg taught her often stubborn co-host Meghan McCain another important lesson on today’s show: how commercials work. While McCain, who has been on television regularly for over a decade, ranted about perceived anti-Semitism on the left, Goldberg cut her off: “We’re going to break, and when we come back, you can continue talking. But now we’re going to break, so we’ll be right back.” McCain interrupted Goldberg’s interruption of her to ask why she was being cut off, to which Goldberg replied, “I’m cutting you off because we have to go, Meghan! Why do you think I’m cutting you off?” And, well, she has a point! Put commercial breaks right next to hairstyles on the list of things Meghan McCain does not understand. (And hat-tip to actress Nancy Lee Grahn, of starred–in–over–1,000–episodes–of–General Hospital fame, for bringing this clip to attention. We’re sure she understands commercial breaks.)

Whoopi Teaches Meghan How Commercials Work on The View