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Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, and Vulture Commenters Star in This Cute Younger Clip

Let’s ignore that annoying Younger love-triangle for a few moments and get back to the show’s real love story: Liza and Kelsey, forever and always. In this exclusive clip for the season’s eighth episode, debuting Thursday on Paramount+ and Hulu, our gals get some Vulture-commenter love (because, as we know, it isn’t easy to please you weirdos all the time) when they secure a chapter from their Inkubator novelist a spot on our homepage rotator. “They love it,” Kelsey gasps. “Oh my God, our little incubator is taking off!”

Will this mean Liza and Kelsey can can get back in Empirical’s good graces and no longer be considered “mid-lit,” and Charles can shut up about Arabian Sea? We’ll just have to wait and … see.

Sutton, Hilary, and Vulture Star in This Cute Younger Clip