2021 bet awards

Bow Down to Pharaoh Montero and His Sexy BET Awards Make-Out Moment

Spider-Man and MJ. Britney and Madonna. That black-and-white sailor after World War II. Tonight, Lil Nas X added himself to the eternal ledger of History’s Iconic Smooches when he shared a very gay, very hot kiss with one of his dancers at the 2021 BET Awards. The singer gave a performance of his single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” with a distinctly “Remember the Time” flair: hieroglyphics, ancient Egyptian pyramids and crypts, and buff, topless dancers in gold accessories. He was serving King Tut but with abs. He was queering The Prince of Egypt. The dancing was dynamic, because what is walking like an Egyptian, anyhow, if not the elements of vogue? The peak of the performance came at the end, though, when Lil Nas X ascended to his throne and had a make out sesh with a dancer. We hereby anoint him Pharaoh Montero.

Bow Down to Lil Nas X and His Sexy BET Awards Make-Out Sesh