2021 bet awards

Tyler, the Creator Summoned a Vengeful Wind God to Pull Off His BET Awards Performance

Twister? Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET

Tyler, the Creator served an entire tableau for his first-ever performance at the 2021 BET Awards. He gave us Production Design Tony Awards. He gave us “what if Alfred Hitchcock made a movie about scary wind?” Performing his single “Lumberjack” off his new album Call Me If You Get Lost, he painted an entire cinematic picture: rapping from the backseat of a Rolls-Royce while his chauffeur navigates through a windy terrain, meeting the blustery gust with bluster of his own. He gets out with his chic little briefcase and fights 1,000 of Beyoncé’s wind machines as he makes his way to a mailbox, rapping against the weather in what is surely a metaphor that we’re too dumb to fully understand. They should teach Tyler acting out his struggle against the wind in mime school. Mimes wish. By the end of the number, the briefcase bursts open and money flies everywhere. This Tyler era just keeps on blessing us with both audio and visuals.

He Should Be Called Tyler the Production Designer After This