Amber Ruffin Will Bring Her Camp-Counselor Energy to the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

In a move that makes us recall the great Leslie Jones era of 2016, late-night host Amber Ruffin will serve as a commentator for Peacock during the Tokyo Summer Olympics. (Cue the requisite Office GIF about the delays.) The streaming service confirmed that Ruffin will be reporting live from the ground in Tokyo despite the strict coronavirus restrictions on visitors for the Olympics, and she’ll be joined by fellow commentators Lindsay Czarniak, Lolo Jones, and MJ Acosta-Ruiz. If you’re a Peacock subscriber, it will be very convenient to watch all of the games and competitions, especially if you’re a cord cutter: Live coverage will stream every day on the service from Friday, July 23, to Sunday, August 8, and will include all major events, such as gymnastics, beach volleyball, more gymnastics, and track and field. Did we mention the gymnastics? Yes, that. Bring us home the gold, Simone.

Amber Ruffin Bringing Her Camp-Counselor Energy to Olympics